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Today a wide variety of disciplines inform her aesthetic choices — from her early years teaching literature to architecture, nature, and haute couture — but she draws the most inspiration from her clients, whose love stories never fail to provide new insights into how beautiful a celebration of marriage can be. She believes that the best events are those that weave together personal symbolism, atmosphere, and well-executed planning to create unforgettable and intentionally-crafted experiences for her couples and their nearest and dearest.

Amy’s love affair with wedding design and bridal styling began the way it does for many a young child — with a stack of Martha Stewart Weddings magazines handed down from her mother. Immersing herself in each issue’s thoughtful celebrations and intricately curated details, Amy quickly became enamored with the art of storytelling through event design. 


principal Planner | Creative Director

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Our approach to events is grounded in a seamless blend of creative exploration and thorough planning; we love both a mood board and a minute-by-minute timeline.

Each member of our Plume family is committed to delivering an unforgettable experience for every guest, and is well-trained in our personal-meets-well-planned approach to producing exceptional events.

Our team is a collective of dedicated and details-obsessed event specialists who craft beautifully-curated events for our couples and clients across the Southeast. 


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